A tutorial? That sounds like it would've been useful six months ago...

Welcome Bakers!

The latest updated adds a flurry of bug fixes as well as a new tutorial system, hopefully helping new players get to grasps with the complex control scheme required for optimal baking. By default the tutorial will be enabled in the sponge cake recipe, showing the user the basics of movement, interaction and baking. Please let us know if there are any steps to the tutorials which require a little more explanation!

As for bug fixes, we've fixed a few crash issues and few places where your bakes failed to well... bake. We've also improved the finger grabbing technology to make your grab actions a little more life like and improved the quantity UIs shown above ingredients.

As always let us know about any suggestions or issues you are having.

Happy Baking!


Baking Simulator [Beta] (Windows-x64) 178 MB
Version c15d2e09 Nov 11, 2018

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