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Version adc9ec5c Released - Improved error reporting
Hello Bakers. I'm affraid this isn't an exciting update :( it simply adds a new crash reporter to hopefully help us find out when and why things go wrong. We ha...
1 file — adc9ec5c
Christmas update is live!
Good day Bakers! The Christmas update is now live as well as a change suggested by @williamv1 which should make cutting the butter to the correct quantity much...
1 file — 1f84c349
It's begining to look a lot like Christmas
Hello Bakers, The latest version of Baking Simulator is live with a few small bug fixes. However, it also adds a Christmas themed kitchen for the holiday period...
1 file — 4882396d
A tutorial? That sounds like it would've been useful six months ago...
Welcome Bakers! The latest updated adds a flurry of bug fixes as well as a new tutorial system, hopefully helping new players get to grasps with the complex con...
1 file — c15d2e09
Version a665142b Release - Scones!
Hello Bakers! The latest release adds the ability to bake some Scones, or is it Scones? (that joke doesn't really work well in written text). This is the first...
1 file — a665142b
Version c9a7e032 Release
Hello Bakers! A small update to fix a couple of smaller issues. Crouching right next to a object, results in your arms getting stuck in the object. You will now...
1 file — c9a7e032
Version ea03bc3b Released
Hello Bakers! A small update has been pushed out which makes adding chocolate-chips to the cookie mixture actually show chocolate-chips! Unfortunately, due to w...
1 file — ea03bc3b
Version 702e99f8 Released - Cookies!
Hey everyone, Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates a string of circumstances left me with a broken computer (well I built a new one and it broke :D) and then...
1 file — 702e99f8
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